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'95 State Fund Safety Award

"In recognition of your Outstanding Contribution to Safety Achievement"


"I wanted to provide some additional praise for our contractor and engineering teams. AFS, Syska, Jessco, and our Engineering Group really pulled through on this.  Monster effort in an impossibly short time frame.  It’s situations like this that really make you shine!!! Great Teamwork, your efforts are very much appreciated!"

-Jim Matlock, Project Manager, Jones Lang LaSalle

"Please pass on my thanks to your troops for their excellent performance during the performance of phase one of MOP #27.  Each and every one of your personnel was well trained, properly equipped, had all required Tools, Materials and Information.  All of them worked in a safe and efficient manner.  The first part of a very complex and critical MOP was performed flawlessly by your team. The nature of my work requires me to point out items and issues that may not be as they should be.  I'm not "blind in one eye" though.  I'm always happy to acknowledge outstanding performance. Once again please thank your troops for their good works."

-Paul Carver, Turnkey Services, Inc.

"I want to extend my sincere thanks to you and your staff.  Wayne and his crew have been outstanding to work with throughout the construction of our new data center.  They are always polite, pleasant and professional with all building staff and other contractors.  Wayne has been a valuable resource as indicated by all the work we are having him do outside the original scope.  He has developed a fine reputation with other groups in the building; is very knowledgeable and willing to help out with extra work, as our additional quotes and PR’s show. In my eighteen years as Building Manager with the Courts, I can honestly say I have not worked with a finer group of electricians than what you have provided. Thank you and I hope to have your company and staff on future projects."

-Dave Summers, CFM Building Manager, Supreme Court State of Arizona

"Jessco Electric consistently completes projects on schedule, at competitive pricing, without sacrificing the quality of their work. I strongly recommend Jessco Electric in all aspects of the electrical trade."

-Michael Ryan, Facilities Manager, ST Microelectronics

"In my thirteen years of working in the construction industry, I have never had a more pleasurable experience than I have had working with Jessco Electric. Your leadership, honesty, sincerity, hard work and family values have set the tone for Jessco's approach to both its clients and partners. It is extremely refreshing to know that companies like yours still exist in this day and age."

-Kurt Seger, Vice President, Kinetic Systems, Inc.

"We appreciate the opportunity to work with a company who makes a conscientious effort to ensure quality workmanship and exhibit safe jobsite practices on our projects. Our project team indicated that your firm performed 'above and beyond' the requirements. We look forward to working with Jessco Electric on future projects, and appreciate the working relationship we have developed over the years."

-Stephen Pisarcik, Vice President of Operations, Kitchell

"As my assignment at this site comes to a close, I want to thank Jessco Electric for doing such an outstanding job for Kitchell Contractors over the past 44 months. Your company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected throughout all your employees that I have worked with. In particular I would like to commend Bob Peters and Wayne Yamanaka. They are two of the finest individuals I have had the fortune to work with. I always knew I was getting 110% effort from them on each and every project. They are both outstanding representatives of Jessco Electric. I sincerely hope to work with Jessco Electric again in the future."

-Jim Currie, Sr. Project Superintendent, Kitchell Contractors

"I have recently reviewed field reports from our Superintendent at American Express indicating that Jessco Electric is doing an outstanding job in exceeding our performance standards for this critical project. As you are aware we have consistently chosen Jessco Electric for most all of our negotiated work due to your accomplishment record. I do not tell you often of how much this means to our customers and us but I believe you know your company has helped us to promote the "dependable team" concept to our clients. We value the relationship that has evolved over the years and wish you and Jessco Electric the best of success. If I was asked to sanction or approve of an Electrical Contractor to any prospective clients I would certainly feel safe in recommending you and your firm."

-Don Walters, Service Division Manager, SDB Inc


 would like to personally thank you and your team for an outstanding job at our Christmas shutdown. We gave you an unrealistic schedule and a set of priorities that changed on a daily basis, and your team came through for us in every respect. Your guys picked up the slack for another contractor, and willingly stayed on site until the job was complete.
All of your employees should be commended for their work, but in my mind, Dan Farrington deserves special recognition. Without his leadership this shutdown would not have been successful.

Thank you again, and we enjoy our business relationship."

-Travis Wright, Facilities Manager, STMicroelectronics

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